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We know the work we do can make life better for individuals, families and communities. By donating or volunteering, you can help us to transform lives.


Help us to transform lives.


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Our groundbreaking programme transforms lives and benefits society as a whole. Every year, drug addiction costs society £15.4 billion with around £13 billion related to costs of crime.

By donating to our charity, you can help us to transform addicts into athletes and keep them off drugs, off alcohol, out of prison, for good... and to prevent people from entering this vicious cycle.

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Every £1 spent on drug treatment saves £2.50 in costs to society
— National Treatment Agency

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With the commitment of our volunteers we are able to reach and support more people.

Do you have a gift or a talent you’d be willing to share to help us break the cycle of substance abuse, crime and prison?

If you’d love to help us rebuild lives, we’d love to hear from you.